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Member Criteria

The CODS provides for two types of membership: Institutional Membership For institutions of learning that are providers or potential providers of open and distance learning; Associate Membership - For National or Sub-Regional Distance Learning Associations and/or Organizations with interest in open and distance learning.

Membership of CODS provides opportunity for institutions and individuals to communicate with other Institution, Rectors, academics, researchers, policy makers and ODL practitioners from other Institutions and higher education institutions in the Indian Sub- continent, in:

  • Collectively reflecting on and seeking solutions to challenges of and opportunities for expanding access to education and training through distance education and open learning in India.
  • Collaborating in the formulation and implementation of strategies for resource mobilization to establish and sustain a Pan India Quality and Standards body, in particular set up and maintain the CODS as an accreditation institution for distance learning across India, in order to enable the prestige and high quality of distance education across the continent especially for governance, to be better assured.
  • Participating in and benefiting from the various collaborative programs, activities and publications of CODS that are dedicated to informing and improving policy as well as the theory and practice of open learning and distance education.
  • Being continuously updated with information on how you as an institution or individual can contribute to and benefit from the strategic goals, programs and activities of the CODS.

For More Information on Membership Accreditation and Application Form,

Please write to us on enquiry@icods.in

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